Rev-Guild Roofing Thu, 03 Aug 2017 23:33:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 WHERE TO FIND THE BEST ATLANTA MOLD REMEDIATION Thu, 03 Aug 2017 20:45:54 +0000 Since my brother-in-law has a roofing company in Wichita, Rev-Guild Roofing ( and typically visits us here in Atlanta a couple times a year, we figured we could put him to work for us on his next trip and finally get our leaking roof repaired. (And he let us write this guest post for his blog too!

Little did we know that here in Atlanta mold remediation was about to become our biggest concern. In April, my brother-in-law drove down here in his work truck, brought his wife and one of his best workers along with a portable compressor, a nail gun and a table saw.

I had saved up enough money to purchase the raw materials from Home Depot, and we picked up some itinerant workers who hang out at the gas station on the corner all the time looking for work.

Ours is a two bedroom, wood frame house and the roof was more than ten years old. It was pretty much needing replacement.

The weather was clear so my brother-in-law and his workers started stripping the old shingles, concentrating on the spots where the wood looked like it had caved in a little.

As they were sawing and replacing the rotted boards, an unexpected rainstorm blew through. It was a mini-disaster! Almost immediately, we started to smell mold percolating in the house.

I wasted no time Googling Atlanta mold remediation and up came Atlanta Mold & Cleaning (

At about the same time that my brother-in-law was rolling the felt over the roof and finally getting us watertight, the good folks from Atlanta Mold & Cleaning discovered the root of my problem was a sheet rock wall where water had penetrated the inside and started a mold colony.

It would seem that Atlanta mold remediation often involves wall removal where it can be dark and moist, just perfect conditions for the horrible molds to flourish.

With the moldy areas removed and the roof made watertight, I only had a little remodeling to do inside to seal up the walls, and Atlanta Mold & Cleaning helped with that, too!

Mold can be a real problem in the deep South so if you ever develop a problem requiring Atlanta mold remediation I can highly recommend Atlanta Mold & Cleaning and their prompt, professional and reasonably priced services.

One more thing! Sometimes it’s better not to use your brother-in-law to try to save money. I think it ended up costing me more than if I had just hired somebody locally! (Although I must admit that he was generous enough to let me write this guest post for his blog!)



Rev-Guild Roofing Has Chosen the Best Roofing Company in Wichita Sun, 01 Jan 2017 03:44:59 +0000 Rev-Guild Roofing has seen how much the roofing industry has changed in the last 30 years. Through all of the developments, however, consistency is critical to a proper roofing company.

Not in design or materials, but in quality. And no company in Kansas has embodied this consistent quality more than Roofing Wichita Kansas.

A quick examination of their website will give you an idea of the breadth of services and methods of construction at your disposal by choosing Roofing Wichita Kansas.

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Within the greater Wichita area, there is no better reputation than our chosen partner, Roofing Wichita Kansas.

There are many reasons to care about your roof.

You may be the type of homeowner who doesn’t think about the roof at all.

Or you may be the type who worries extensively about the roof, its lifespan, color scheme, materials, and its functionality.

Either way, you may have noticed how far along roofing has come in recent years.

Long gone are the days of simple asphalt shingles, unless that is your thing. Asphalt hasn’t gone out of style, but asphalt shingles have been replaced by much more durable and functional materials.

Metal and wood roofs have been around for quite a while, but plastic has come into the scene and has the ability to replicate all the other materials for a lot less money.

Beyond the developments in the outer materials, the other roofing components such as gutters, underlays, and flashing, and more have come long ways.

Through it all, Roofing Wichita Kansas has grown alongside the materials. And Rev-Guild Roofing endorses them fully for their professionalism, knowledge, and expert craftsmanship.

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